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20th-May-2008 02:31 am - Friends only.
This Journal is now Friends only, please leave a message if you've been secretly stalking me, but would like to be able to read my journals still.
13th-May-2008 11:28 pm - Awesome Meme
Totally stolen from Brenda.

1. The article title is the name of your band: link
2. The last four words of the very last quotation is the title of your album: link
3. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover: link
4.Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together, and post the result.

An example of one I made:

And an alt.

Album Meme 01

13th-May-2008 12:28 am - What I Did Today XLI
So. Today I:
- Got a replacement bolt for the lawnmower.
- Went on a coffee-date thing... that turned into a dinner, walk, and then pub date. (more on this below)
- finished some personal work.
- worked out.
- hurt the knee... ow.
- Looked at a mono-pod... I will probably buy one in the morning.

Tomorrow I hope to:
- read some more.
- edit some more.
- Bug the folks at three rings
- apply for another job at Microsoft.
- walk with the dad.
- start up my knee therapy again. yarg.

So I went on a date. Sorry I didn't tell you that much Heather, I honestly didn't really want the family knowing... why? Its my social life, and also because I've never been on one at home before- And as much as I love being the theoretical serial loner of the kids, I'd rather that this part of my life stay off the parent's radar at least until I find a boy that's, like, the one.

This was supposed to be one of those, have coffee, "are you a decent human?" kinda things. And while, yes he's a nice guy, and from first impressions doesn't seem to be able to harbor any ill will (beyond general discontentment) with anyone or anything. I'm not sure about him. There definitely wasn't an immediate physical/mental attraction, I mean he's not like the Elephant man or anything, but yeah. So there's gonna be a second date, next week sometime. I figured its only fair. We were able to talk for almost five hours tonight, just about travels and Japan and the game industry- yes, yes. I know. I'm not that fond of the industry as a whole, but its where he works and its something I know a fantastic amount about. So regardless of that, and regardless of my attraction/un-attraction to him I think I've made a new friend. I need to stew for a bit...
10th-May-2008 03:05 am - What I Did Today XL (that's 40 folks)
nucking futs
Today I:
- Went downtown!
- Got my hair cut... for waaaaaay too much money considering how it came out.
- Decided I'm never going back to that salon.
- Ate an awesome Italian sandwich at Pike Place.
- Saw Speed Racer (yay!)
- but not on the imax (boo...)
- but I will next week! (yay!)
- Went to awesome sushi (instead of Vietnamese) for the co-birthday dinner that was really more like an expensive meal. Haha, but sooooo worth it.
- Finished the 80's drawing... Decided its going to be one of 6 in a series. I might add two or three things before continuing with the series though...
- worked out.
- Played the retarded game for about three hours.
- read some of my book! I'm getting so close, my teeth itch! (its an expression)

This weekend I hope to:
- Help the little bro move.
- Enjoy my birthday.
- Enjoy mother's day.
- Refine plans for Monday.
- Bug Microsoft again.
- Finish the series of art.
- Start on the X-Men pics...
- Read, like, woah.

Yeah today was a good day and might I say, Seattle of full of yummy men. Especially including the waiter at the sushi place whom I'm pretty sure I could have gotten a coffee date out of if I pursued ah well... My ego was pretty bolstered tonight and everyone knew it. Which is fine, I mean, I had good conversations... and good food. Sam is still awkward as all get, especially around Cara. And yeah.. Speed Racer? Go see it. Its a little slice of excellence.

Plus! I'm going to be getting a bowler hat that fits my head! :D
9th-May-2008 02:44 am - What I Did Today XXXIX
Today I:
- Woke up retardedly early because the city decided to jack-hammer the sidewalk just outside my window. (rawr)
- Read alot of my actionscript book, I'm almost ready to start planning the back-end of my website, I thinks..
- got started on a way awesome 80's themed image, perhaps the start of a sad series...
- set the coffee date (tentatively, still syncing schedules)
- took a decent walk on my own
- got my Connie Evingson cd!!! Oh my god I ADORE HER.
- Bugged Cara about five times about her birthday, because I promised I would be obnoxious
- Called Lillian, but I'm betting you were busy... which is cool- but some day soon... we will chat!
- Laid out or will lay out my new website before I fall asleep upstairs, in bed... with post-its.

Tomorrow I hope to:
- See at least Speed Racer (iMax anyone?)
- Eat fabulous Vietnamese food at a co-birthday dinner
- Get a wonderful haircut! (I'm tempted to get a faux-hawk)
- Finish the 80's themed image.
- Read some more being that I'm going to be on the bus for a while.
- If I'm over here... walk with the dad?
- See Master Wiggles? Are you going to be here tomorrow or Saturday?

Also, Brenda? You up for one of these conversations? Since we haven't verbally communicated in close to three years?
8th-May-2008 03:01 am - What I Did Today XXXVIII
(I've decided to do away with the parenthesis, since the number's large enough that people should be able to guess its the roman numbering system, and not me stating the word "xi".)

(Anywho... heehee)

Today I:
- worked "the" out.
- had an adventure finding my bus in downtown.
- "re"discovered that I've got a very bad addiction to puzzle and music games.
- read some of my actionscript book.
- slept a good amount so I felt better... at least till about ten minutes ago.

Tomorrow I hope to:
- fix the website thing(s).
- read some more.
- setup the coffee date.
- take a walk with the paternal figure.
- call Lillian.
- layout the organization/flowchart for the flash website.
7th-May-2008 12:14 am - What I Did Today (XXXVII)
nucking futs
All righty. So the update didn't occur this morning, obviously. But that doesn't mean I don't feel bad about it. I think I've got a developing sinus infection.


Yesterday I:
- Finished a collaborative art-piece.
- Cleaned up the house a bit.
- Read some of my Actionscript 3.0 book.

Today I:
- Paid some bills
- Had THE talk with Sam... more on this below.
- Read some more of my Actionscript 3.0 book
- Went for a walk with the father person.

Tomorrow I hope to:
- Read some more.
- Work on a 3D model.
- Redo the digital (or flash, I'm not sure) page of my site to include logos and or website designs...
- Eat fabulous left overs.
- workout

So. The talk finally happened with Sam. Well about 2/3's of the talk did. The mentioning of "no longer best friends" didn't quite pop-up. And frankly its because I have a heart and didn't want to destroy the boy. Anywho- I feel at this point I should change the word "talk" to the phrase, "talked at" because it wasn't so much a discussion as it was a politically worded lecture that drove the point home.

To summarize, I told him he was being really fucking annoying. And while I phrased it in a bit nicer terms, the message was clear.

"Stop being so fucking annoying."

He probably would have whined a bit if not for that being one of my first grounds of attack. That whole inviting yourself, sad puppy-dog when you're not invited, routine just... just isn't going to work anymore and I told him so.

Of course he's abound with insecurities galore now, but he's aware of what he's been doing which is a lot more (apparently) than before.
6th-May-2008 01:50 am(no subject)
Feeling crappy and tired... I'll do a full update in the morning..
2nd-May-2008 03:35 am - What I Did Today (XXXVI)
Today I:

- Mowed the front and back lawns.
- Baked three loaves of sweet bread.
- Worked out like a mo-fo.
- Finished two ART things.
- Deposited what's prolly going to be my final freelancing paycheck.
- Read some actionscript crap before falling asleep.

Tomorrow I hope to:

- Go on an art walk.
- Wish I was attending Marla's B-day.
- Go and do various chores for the step-mum.
- take that wonder walk I love to take.
- Read my book.

I have a slight bit of solace in my knowledge that I'm going to be able to afford to live for the next month, due to the kindness of my friends and family. But enough's, enough. Am I who they make me to be, or am I in charge of the path I take?

Came up with a quote I like,

"If I only had one wish, I'd have waited ten years to go to college. By then I'd have spent a life, free of debt in search of me."
1st-May-2008 02:18 am - What I Did Today (XXXV)
Yesterday and Today I:
- Finished a flash movie (for a layout I've put aside), having issues getting my buttons to work properly.
- Walked the four miles again
- Updated the Website (one image, har har)
- posted the Tattoo...
- Posted a rant about my frustration with the misunderstanding about homosexuality by A LOT of people.
- Worked out, feeling great!
- Read a bit of the AC book.
- Made plans for Friday.

Tomorrow I hope to:
- Mow the lawn (the whole thing)
- Bake friendship Bread
- Fix my site!
- Avoid people online as well as in real life.
- Continue reading my AC book.

Here's that wolf tattoo..
Celtic Wolf Tattoo
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